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Online Booking for Hire of Chuchimingo Jumping Castles

  Sydney - Australia

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Free Gifts For Online Bookings

Mini Basketball

Magnetic Game

For Every Online Booking

For Every Online Booking over $250

 Free Gifts are in limited numbers and we are not responsible what do you do with them!!!

We will bring free gift on the day of hire

What do I get if I hire any jumping castle online - one mini basketball (limited numbers)

What do I get if I hire jumping castle for total of $250 - one mini basketball

What do I get if I hire jumping castle for more than $250 - one mini basketball and one magnetic game (limited numbers)

 Online Booking

To hire a Jumping Castle you need an adult over the age of  18 to be able to look after children when they are inside or playing around Jumping Castle. Of course, there needs to be enough space to put up a Jumping Castle.

As you would look after children when they are playing around, the Jumping Castle has to be looked after too, so accidents won't happened. All the safety rules and any questions you may have are in section SAFETY RULES and QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.


Hire from $120

Terms and Conditions Apply

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If you wish to contact us, Chuchimingo Jumping Castles. Call us on 0416722237 or send us E-mail info@chuchimingo.com