Safety Rules

Better to be SAFE then SORRY

Before Hire

  1. All Sprinklers must be shut off
  2. We cannot set up a unit on sand with normal sticks (so tell us if you got sand)
  3. Unless otherwise arranged, the site for the jumping castle must be within 25 metres of an electricity point, and be on grass.
  4. The chosen site must be flat ground, and large enough to accommodate (Seattle) the jumping castle. (8m-6m)
  5. There must be adequate access to get the jumping castle to the site.
  6. We will instruct you in the operating instructions for the jumping castle, which will take about 5 minutes. This will include an inspection of the jumping castle pointing out all the features.
  7. There will be an emergency telephone number in case you need to contact us during the hire - 0416722237


During Hire

  1. No Food, Drink or Pets to be taken onto the Castle.
  2. Nothing with sharp edges should ever enter the inflatable (jumping castle).
  3. Have to remove Shoes, Rings, Glasses and Watches with sharp edges and other jewellery prior to play time.
  4. Definitely No smoking on or near the Castle.
  5. Absolutely No streamers or confetti allowed on Castle.
  6. The hirer shall at all times provide an adult 18 yrs or over to supervise children while on the Castle.
  7. Players should not enter the inflatable when being deflated or inflated.
  8. Persons with obvious disabilities should not be allowed to enter.
  9. Persons with head, neck, and back injuries should not be allowed to enter.
  10. In the event of rain and high winds the Castle must be evacuated, blower turned off and saved from rain falling on it.
  11. Rain covers are for light rain and gentle breezes only! (Use in extreme weather is dangerous)
  12. The hirer will ensure Max. Weight capacity 150kg,
  13. Ages: 3+, Max. Player weight is 50kg for Dog, Max. No. Players: 4 (at 50kg per player-can easily support more if smaller children),
  14. Correct mix of age groups i.e.: 2 - 5 yrs, 6 - 8 yrs, 9 -10 yrs etc at all times.
  15. To prevent injuries children aged 3 and younger should never Jump/play with older children.
  16. Children jump at their own risk, so tell them to look after each other and to play together.
  17. When once the jumping castle has been installed, it must not be moved and must be in the same condition as we left it.
  18. Inspect ropes, pins every now and then.
  19. Check air-pump (blower) make sure pipe coming from Jumping Castle is straight, not bend or squashed.
  20. Do not let kids jump against wall or pull down top end of a Jumping Castle.
  21. Flips should be avoided in the Jumping Castle.
  22. Explain to them not to jump on edges, it is not bouncing there but it can tear Jumping Castle.
  23. Do not aloud them to go near air pump or to go/run over air pipe.
  24. Jumping next to entry-way should be avoided.
  25. Rough-housing should not be tolerated in the Jumping Castle to prevent injuries.


Please note that if any of the above conditions are ignored and repair or extra cleaning is required as a result then an extra fee could be charged. Because that is not included in prize.