Questions and Answers

How to hire Jumping Castle?

  1. Decide when you need Jumping Castle

  2. See how much space you have to put it up

  3. Call to Book the Jumping Castle

When can you hire a Jumping Castle?

Jumping Castles can be hired for parties, fetes, christenings, holyday parties or any other celebrations that involve young children.

Jumping Castles can be used as a surprise present for your children as well. .... IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU.

How much space you need for Jumping Castle?

To put up Jumping Castle it is strongly recommended to have at least 1m to 2 meters all around Castle. That means:
  • DOG needs 8m length , 6m wide and 4.5m high

How to call to book Jumping Castle for day and time?

Before you call you need to have few personal details with you
  • Your name and surname
  • Address where you want to put it up
  • Contact number: home and mobile
  • E-mail and fax if you have it

To call Chuchimingo Jumping Castle you need to dial 0416722237 on your phone. If we are not available please leave a  message on VOICE MAIL or send us TEXT message and we will return your call ASAP.

How long before you need the Jumping Castle do you have to book it ?

We would like you to book it at least a month before you need it. We will accept bookings with less than a month if we have no other bookings on that day and time. To make sure no one gets in before you call us first.......

The best time to call us is around noon 12-1pm.

Is it possible to have Jumping Castle up to late in the night?

NO it is not possible, we have to pack up the Jumping Castle before dark.

Does the Jumping Castle have insurance ?

YES, the Jumping Castle does have insurance (Public Liability Insurance).

Do we have to pay DEPOSIT and when do we have to pay for the Jumping Castle?

NO, we do not require a deposit, we do ask for Cash once we have set the Jumping Castle up.

Why are Chuchimingo Jumping Castles  more affordable than others?

We are a small family run business with no overheads.

Why to hire our Jumping Castle?

You will not be disappointed with our service and our Jumping Castles give us a go!

Is there any reason why we would not bring the Jumping Castle?

The only time we would cancel a booking is for safety reasons such as:

  • Rain
  • Wind over 15km/h

It is Dangerous to put up a Jumping Castle when is raining or when it is windy!

Price for Jumping Castle?

Prise starts from $120 (Liverpool and Fairfield area) if it is bit further +$30  (We deliver only in SYDNEY -Australia - up to 50km away or as agreed

Evacuation of Jumping Castle?

If something goes wrong everyone has to leave the Jumping Castle. An inspection is then done, to see what happened. If it starts to rain while the Jumping Castle is in use the blower (Air Pump) has to be turned off and protected from rain.