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Monster Truck

 Smallest Jumping Castle

This combo jumping castle has one of the highest slides and it is biggest in our range4m

Standard Jumping Castle

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Are you having a birthday party or any other celebration? When there are few children playing together, accidents like breaking or knocking things down, may occur easily. Tension is building up in the air. What to do? Everyone is busy looking after children and both parents and children can not relax and enjoy their time together. At that moment, we come in with the Jumping Castle.

To hire a Jumping Castle you need an adult over the age of  18 to be able to look after children when they are inside or playing around Jumping Castle. Of course, there needs to be enough space to put up a Jumping Castle.

As you would look after children when they are playing around, the Jumping Castle has to be looked after too, so accidents won't happened. All the safety rules and any questions you may have are in section SAFETY RULES and QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.



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