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  1. How Much To Drink - You put in what did you drink and its tells you percentage alcohol in Blood
  2. Home Page
  3. Birthday Time & Horoscop Signs - Gives you Detail information about your birthdays and more

  4. Health Calculator - Chart, Body Mass Index, Ideal Body Weight, Body Surface Area
  5. Download Time - Calculates download time with different modem speed.
  6. System Information - Gives you some information about your system....
  7. Periodic Table - Chemical symbols....

  8. For Fun

  9. Brain Test - Right vs Left side of the Brain
  10. Love/Like Test - This will calculate like/love between you and someone you know or not.
  11. Attitude Button - Button with attitude problems

  12. Billionaire Calculator - Calculates how much you can Save per year

  13. Math

  14. Pythagoras theorem - calculates one unknown out of three in right triangle
  15. Circle Calculator - Calculates area, circumference, radius, diameter of the circle


  16. Oms Law and Power - calculates resistance from current and voltage or vice versa and power
  17. Resistors 4 Color Code  and 5 Color Code - calculates resistance from colors on resistors
  18. Capacitors Color Code - calculates resistance from colors on resistors
  19. 8x8 Matrix LED display characters / graphics builder - Builds characters / graphics in hex and binary -new
  20. Binary to Hex and back Converter - Converts hex to binary and back -new